Kunsthalle Beacon


The purpose of the KuBe (an acronym for Kunsthalle Beacon) is to promote art and culture within an international dialogue.  Our goal is to bring together art from around the world , and create a forum with the local talent of the Beacon and New York arts community.

The KuBe is comprised of 48 artists’ studios, Commercial Office Spaces, Ethan Cohen Fine Arts Gallery, Experimental Art Spaces- The Turbine, The Zhu Chongmao and Zheng Ruyu Theater, The Jerome A. Cohen and Joan Lebold Cohen Art Center, and a future Art Cafe along with 19 residential condominiums.  The KuBe will include a program to screen films, host lectures and recitals, and present avant-garde film and musical perfomances.  We welcome you to participate in this growing community of arts and culture.